Among all places on polish coast
there are highest temperature
of water and sun hours.

Clear air, pine forest smell, walking on the beach, charming sunrises
and sunsets guarantee relax
and good time.

Please come and check
our "value for money" offer.

Camping 159** is located in the forest near the sea - only 400 m from wide, sand beach with many attractions. Whole campings fenced and light. There is also security during the night. We specially care about cleanliness, ecology and nice, family atmosphere. We invite in the period from 1st May to 18th September.

We offer to our guests:

  • tidy and clean sanitations
  • warm water 24 hours (free)
  • places for tents and caravans
  • sanitary station with drain for sewage (also chemical) for campers and caravans
  • power connect
  • WiFi wireless internet
  • places in cabins and caravans
  • kitchen
  • position to prepare fresh fishes
  • posibility to use washing machine
  • full tourist information
  • nice service
  • food shop on the spot
  • bar, restaurant, canteen - 100 meters
  • playground

We encourage everyone, who especially likes contact with nature and rest in calm.
If you are this person you should visit us in may or june. It is mid-season and except unusual conditions to rest we have
big discounts.

Cabins and caravans to rent:

Small bungalow IZA

Caravan - large

Caravan - small

Bigger bungalow EWA

plan to camp:

OFFER  / We make sure to meet the expectations of our Guests

LOCATION  / interesting with many attractions

Beach in Stegna

Beach with many attractions

100-year old organ

Water slides

Jumps and kid areas

Fresh fishes direct from fishing boat

Adventure park

A bird's-eye view of the Vistula Spit

Historical church (XVII century)

Unique art on the ceiling

Narrow-gauge railway

To Frombork by boat

Malbork - Knights of the Cross castle

Muzeum Stutthoff - concentration camp

Ferry on the Wisła River


The Elbląg Canal

Gdańsk - over the Motlawa River

Gdańsk - The Długa Street

Sopot - The Pier


GPS: 54.34195°N, 19.11790°E    [ 54°20'31.0"N 19°07'04.4”E ]

ACCESS  / click on the plan of Stegna

GALLERY  / so it is with us

1 adult

children under 14 years

children under 4 years

tent for 1-2 persons

tent for 3-4 persons

tent for 5 and more persons


small caravan - under 3,5 meters

middle caravan - 3,5 - 6,0 meters

big caravan - over 6,0 meters

accesory to caravan


camper - under 6 meters

camper - over 6 meters

conveyour car


22,00 PLN

16,00 PLN

5,00 PLN

17,00 PLN

25,00 PLN

30,00 PLN

18,00 PLN

20,00 PLN

25,00 PLN

33,00 PLN

12,00 PLN

10,00 PLN

35,00 PLN

45,00 PLN

25,00 PLN

cargo trailer

motor bike

power connect


bungalow with bath and WC (up to 4 persons)

bungalow with bath and WC (up to 5 persons)

rent a small caravan (up to 3 persons)

rent a middle caravan (up to 4 persons)

rent a mini caravan (1-2  persons)

tourist tax per person


10,00 PLN

12,00 PLN

22,00 PLN

10,00 PLN

300,00 PLN

340,00 PLN

160,00 PLN

200,00 PLN

125,00 PLN

2.00 PLN


Prices per 24h (season 2023)

In period 1.05 - 5.06 you'll get 10% discount For other period than forhanded above we'll give 10% discount if your stay is longer than 10 days in a tent or in own caravan. (the electricity fee is not discounted)

PRICES  / Good quality at a reasonable price

RULES  / useful for everyone


  1. Tourists staying at the campsite are required to register at the reception desk where the place to pitch a tent or put a caravan will be shown.
  2. Stop the engine immediately after you stop the vehicle. The maximum speed for all vehicles on the campsite is 10 km/h.
    The driver is obligated to act with particular care.
    Cars and other vehicles may park on the campsite only in the places indicated by the campsite staff.
  3. The reception is open from 8 AM to 8 PM
    Entrance gate is open from 7 AM to 10 PM
    Gate for pedestrians is open from 5.30 AM to 1 AM
  4. Campsite check-in time is from 14:00 until 11:00 of the following day.
    Day stay starts at 9:00 and ends at 22:00 (fee according to the price list).
    Only guests who checked-in for 24-hours stay may remain on the campsite outside of these hours.
  5. People not registered at the campsite who stay there after 11 PM will have to pay a penalty fee- 50 PLN per person.
  6. Underage persons may stay on the campsite only in the presence of adults -their legal guardians.
    Parents and guardians of underage persons are fully responsible for their safety and all consequences of actions of their charges.
    Children under 7 years of age must not be left unattended.
  7. Quiet hours last from 11 PM to 7 AM.
  8. The management of the campsite is not responsible for money and valuable objects not left in a  depository at the reception desk.
  9. Owners of dogs are obligated to have a valid vaccination certificate, keep their dogs on leashes and clean after their dogs. 
    We do not accept house pets in cabins and rented caravans.
  10. Fish gutting and scaling can be done only on a specially prepared table near the toilets.
  11. It is particularly forbidden to:
    • Trench around the tents
    • Destroy forrest litter and vegetation
    • Light fires
    • Cause noise and use loud audio-visual equipment
    • Leave dogs and other animals unattended
    • Enter the area of the campsite not through the main entrance
    • Wash cars
    • Cycle fast on the area of the camspite
    • pour sewage out on the ground and into the stormy sewage system
  12. The tourist is fully responsible for all material damage of the equipment and technical devices installed on the campsite,
    which was caused by his actions or actions of the persons visiting him.
  13. In all the matters concerning the use of the campsite facilities you should obey the requests and orders of the staff.
  14. Persons failing to comply with these regulations, using vulgar expressions, behaving in an aggressive manner or disturbing the peace
    in any other way will be excluded from the possibility of continuing their stay on the campsite.

We thank you for observing the above rules and wish you nice holidays.

Contact informations

ul. Morska 26, 82-103 Stegna

GPS: 54.34195°N, 19.11790°E  
[ 54°20'31.0"N 19°07'04.4”E ]

tel. +48 55 247 83 03

fax. +48 55 247 80 34

Do not call during the night hours (from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.) please.

Contact form

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We accept reservations for stays longer than 3 days.

CONTACT  / Camping nr 159 "CAMP" Krystyna and Andrzej Stupkiewicz

tel. +48 55 247 83 03



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